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Why does Newquay need another primary school?

Families in Newquay are already struggling to place their children in 1st choice primary schools within walking distance of their homes. Newquay is also set to grow considerably over the coming years.

How many pupils will the school take?

We are proposing that the school will eventually hold up to 420 pupils, but initially we will look to open in 2019 with an initial intake of 30 Reception and 60 Year 1 pupils.

You are proposing a school of up to 420 students, but are there any plans to increase numbers in future if Newquay continues to grow?

We are only at the bid stage, and at this stage we have to look to address current needs and what facts and figures tell us. At the moment, projections of current and immediate future need equate to a school of this size being the most suitable and we’re hopeful the DfE will agree.

When it comes to the stage of being able to draw up building plans and look at the design of our school, we will be conscious of the fact that there may be a point in time where we need to add new or additional facilities, and these future flexibilities will dictate some of our design decisions. We don’t want to build something restrictive and inflexible.

Are you providing the opportunity for any child in need in the community, regardless of special needs or backgrounds?

The school will be inclusive and open to every child in the community regardless of their need or starting point in life. We want to cater for the whole Newquay community.

Will you be crystal clear on the fact you will cater for SEN and individual needs [as above]?

Absolutely. We will be writing this in to our proposal, and your question and this answer will be put on to our website (along with all others from the evening) for everyone to see!

How will the community be represented within the Governance of the school? Will there be a board of Governors, and will parents be able to be represented on that?

The Trust is represented by a board of directors who have overall control of schools at Trust level. Each individual academy has its own local governing body, which is formed largely of parent and community members, who will concentrate on individual academy matters and can raise matters to directors.

Do you see an opportunity to provide any particular specialisms for special needs, for example for Autism?

We haven’t put that in our bid. We couldn’t claim to say, at the minute, that we have the specialist capacity to be able to support such an offering in this project. However, we do know that there are a number of Multi-Academy Trusts who are looking at that along with other local special schools which will hopefully be able to address those demands as part of a review which is being undertaken at council level.

Will there be other events like this [engagement evening]?

Yes. We will probably look to arrange another evening once the bid has been reviewed prior to final submission in September. We will also continue to monitor our website and social media channels and continue to engage via those methods. Any questions we can answer via those methods will be added to the website for all to see.