Authors who Inspire

Anna Lewis aka Sketchy Muma

Joshua class kicked-off their World Book Day celebrations, with a visit from author and illustrator Anna Lewis aka Sketchy Muma.

Anna showed Joshua Class some of her books and then they worked as a team to design two dragons for the classroom.

The children used all sorts of medium to decorate and attach to the dragons. The end product was a rainbow dragon and an under the sea dragon.
Naomi Jones

Newquay Primary Academy pupils were lucky enough to have a visit from a local author, Naomi Jones.

Naomi shared some of her favourite books with the children, which included “How To Catch Rainbow”, “The Perfect Fit” and “The Odd Fish”.

She then did lots of activities linked to these books with Tamar Class. The children wrote their own stories with a partner, went on a colour hunt and designed their own shape characters. It was a fantastic morning for everyone involved.

Thanks for visiting Naomi!