"At Newquay Primary Academy we aim to include, not exclude, and we approach all challenging behaviour in a supportive and positive way. We recognise that such behaviour can sometimes be symptomatic of a real, deeper need for our support and understanding. All children can go through times of inappropriate behaviour, and we strive to never give up easily on a child as we recognise that each person has a unique contribution to make to school life and we want to support them to achieve this.

Before considering exclusion

We work closely with parents to ensure that only in very rare circumstances will exclusion come as a surprise. In most instances parents will have been working with us to prevent their child from being excluded. Pupils at risk of being excluded are likely to have had a history of disaffection and to have had a variety of contracts (Behaviour Action Plans, Behaviour Support Plans, Pastoral Support Plans) before the question of exclusion arises. In formulating these plans a number of different agencies are likely to have worked with us, for example the Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Outreach Service, the Educational Psychology Service or the Education Social Work Service. In all cases the involvement of these agencies will be shared with parents and in many instances they will have made direct contact with parents.

Use of exclusion

The use of exclusion at Newquay Primary Academy is underpinned by the shared commitment of all members of our school community to achieve two important aims. The first is to ensure the safety and well-being of all members of our school community, and to maintain an appropriate education environment in which all can learn and succeed. The second is to realise the aim of reducing the need to use exclusion as a sanction.

The decision to exclude a pupil will be taken in the following circumstances:

  • Serious breach of the school’s rules or policies;
  • Serious risk of harm to the education or welfare of the pupil or others in the school.

No exclusion will be initiated without first attempting other strategies or, in the case of a serious single incident, a proper investigation.

Any exclusion will be at the decision of the Head of School, usually in consultation with other members of the senior leadership team (particularly if they were involved in investigating the incident).

Exclusion policy

Our Exclusion Policy can be viewed in the Policies section of our website.