Our children spend A LOT of time at school. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to share in school-related experiences. It gives you more in common. It allows you to be a fly on the wall and see your children in a different environment. It’s rewarding to watch them as they put all the skills you’ve taught them into action. Volunteering is also a great way to connect with other parents and create a circle of adult friends. Over time, these friends grow to know and love your children. Never underestimate the power of community in raising children.

We encourage and welcome parents and carers as well as other members of our school families to volunteer at school. Our volunteers support and help in a number of ways:

  • Helping with literacy (typically listening to children read).
  • Helping with numeracy.
  • Sharing your professional skills (for example, if you’re a doctor, you might go in to talk to a class whose topic is healthy living).
  • Helping with classroom activities such as cookery.
  • Leading or helping to lead an after-school club like netball or art.
  • Helping on school trips.
  • Helping with sporting events, music or drama productions.

There are also more official ways to volunteer with us, for instance by joining our Parent Teacher Association or offering your services as a one of our governors, although these won’t necessarily involve much (or any) direct work with our pupils.

In addition, there are external initiatives that place volunteers in schools (not necessarily their own child’s), like the Beanstalk Charity and Reading Matters, which support children with literacy, and Code Club, which recruits volunteers to run after-school computer coding sessions.

If you would like to volunteer with us on a regular basis please contact our main office. Please note that we generally do not place parents in the classrooms of their own children. This is because children often behave differently when their own parents are in the classroom.

If you would like to be included on our list of volunteers to help on trips please give your name to our main office.