Phonics from the Start

It is our mission to ensure that every child is a fluent reader by the end of Key Stage 1, therefore early reading is our priority. Children are taught daily by a Read Write Inc. (RWI) teacher in groups organised by stage, not age. In addition, 10 minute daily 1:1 sessions take place to ensure that all pupils ‘keep up not catch up’. Children are assessed half termly, progressing rapidly through the programme.

RWI uses phonics – a method of learning to read words that is taught from the start of Reception. Children are taught sounds associated with written letters. For example, ‘c’ makes and ccc sound, ‘a’ makes an ahh sound and ‘t’ makes a ttt sound. They are then taught to blend these sounds together – c-a-t makes the word cat.

We encourage parents and carers to take an active role in helping your child to become a fluent reader. There are lots of things that can be done at home to support all the hard work happening in the classroom. Some ways include:-

  1. Parents can learn the sounds associated with each letter, ensuring they are familiar with the sounds being taught in the academy
  2. Get some flashcards at home to practice sounds and blending with children
  3. Read together every day – 10 minutes of reading together can really help to build a child’s confidence and is a great opportunity for both parents and children to practice this new skill.
Oxford Owl is a great resource for parents and carers – with e-books, flashcards, top tips and videos and audio guides demonstrating each letter sound.