"At Newquay Primary Academy we want every child to do well and be happy. We recognise, however, that there are times when things go wrong, when concerns continue and disagreements can arise. These can usually be resolved by speaking to the right person and most concerns can be sorted out without too much trouble. The vast majority of complaints are solved by talking to someone at the school, but if you are still unhappy, we do have a procedure for dealing with complaints.


All academies and trusts are required to have a complaints procedure, which must meet the requirements in the standard at the Education (Independent School Standards (England) Regulations 2014 Schedule 1, Part 7.

This procedure only applies to complaints from parents/carers of pupils at the school, regarding their child. As public bodies, the Secretary of State for Education expects academies to handle complaints from people who are not parents of children at the school respectfully and expediently. They are not obliged to follow the complaints policy though.

Complaints policy and procedure

Our Complaints Policy is available to view in the Policies section of our website. We aim to ensure that our complaints procedure is:

  • Simple to understand and use.
  • Impartial.
  • Non-adversarial.
  • Enables a full and fair investigation.
  • Where necessary respects confidentiality.
  • Addresses all the points at issue and provides an effective response and appropriate redress.


Some complaints are dealt with in a slightly different way. There are special arrangements in law if you want to appeal about:

  • Admissions to school.
  • Exclusions from school.
  • Special education provision.
  • School reorganisation proposals.
  • Religious education and collective worship.
  • Curriculum issues.

In addition, any third-party supplier has its own complaints procedures in place if they are using our premises or facilities to offer:

  • Community facilities.
  • Services.