Community Events

A strong community needs nourishment and dedication from its members through traditions, behaviours, and a sharing of knowledge. Communities will fall apart if neglected. The magic of the community is in the shared act. Community members find each other, work together, support each other, and achieve success together. This is the joy of doing meaningful work together with like-minded people, with your friends.

We want Newquay Primary Academy to be at the heart of our thriving and diverse local community.

A community begins its mission when its members decide to start collaborating towards a common purpose. At Newquay Primary Academy our mission statement is: To promote an aspirational school ethos underpinned by human values based on valuing our self, each other, and our environment.

Our challenge is to create the means for engaging our community in a way that brings new possibilities into being. We believe that celebration and connection is key. Communities organise events; people connect. These connections create ties between people, and this is the social capital that makes the sum bigger than its parts. Being connected is the feeling of togetherness. It is the set of relationships, personal interactions, and links among the community members each with personal (not only professional) reasons to connect: you might even say a circle of friends.

We organise a busy annual schedule of community events which are shared through our social media channels. Please follow us on social media for the most up to date events.