Beyond the Classroom

"What happens in our wider school life? How does it link to our values? At Newquay Primary Academy our curriculum is complemented by an engaging extra-curricular programme. This provides a more diverse range of opportunities for our pupils to develop a sense of individuality, have fun and participate in a wide range of activities without academic pressures. This broadens children’s horizons and provides opportunities to learn a new skill or master existing skills. This in turn develops confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and independent-thinking, communication skills and social development – i.e. that all important “character”.

Importance of character education

Character is at the heart of our extra-curricular programme. A pupil who can focus on learning a new stroke in swimming club or different openings in chess club learns how to transfer what they learn about curiosity, focus, drive or honesty into other areas of their lives – like school work. And when they choose and activity, and feel emotionally involved in it, they learn in a deeper more connected manner, and their qualities have a chance to blossom.

Schools have a statutory duty, as part of a broad and balanced curriculum, to promote the spiritual, moral, social, and cultural (SMSC) development of pupils. Character education contributes to this duty. “Schools have an important role in the fostering of good mental wellbeing among young people so that they can fulfil their potential at school and are well prepared for adult life.” That’s how the government puts it.
At Newquay Primary Academy our extra-curricular programme covers a wide range of interests – artistic, creative, performance, sporting, debating, challenge, team and individual – so that every pupil can discover new interests and develop existing ones. Provision is of the highest quality and challenges pupils and build expertise.

We make use of local, national or international programmes or organisations and we promote the value of volunteering and service to others.

We aim to make the most of our unique heritage and coastal location in order to foster in our pupils a wonder and curiosity about the environment and a strong sense of place.

Our extra-curricular programme strongly promotes physical and mental health through sport and active lifestyles. Our proximity to Newquay Sports Centre and our membership of Newquay Sports Partnership enables us to offer a very wide range of sporting activity led by specialists. We share a site with Newquay Tretherras and work closely with Tretherras pupils to enrich our extra-curricular programme. Some of our clubs and activities are led by older pupils who are Sports Leaders.

Equal opportunity
We enable young people from all backgrounds to feel as if they belong and are valued. We understand and reduce barriers to participation (e.g. cost, timing, location, logistics, confidence, parental support etc.).

All pupils will take part in at least two hours per week of extra-curricular activity. We have a mandatory extended enrichment time at the end of each day for a minimum of two hours a week to ensure all children participate equally.

We do not charge pupils for attending clubs operated by our staff and we ensure that all year groups have opportunities to participate fully.