At Newquay Primary Academy, our intention is to enable children to navigate their adult lives with the knowledge, skills and understanding to successfully play an active role in society. We want all our children to reach their full potential, achieving their aspirations with confidence, belief in themselves and have the skills and understanding to independently motivate themselves and persevere through any difficulties they may face in life.

Our PSHE curriculum aims to send all our pupils into their adult life with strong foundations in their mental health, physical health and emotional wellbeing and to develop pupils who are passionate about leading happy lives. We believe this is vital for a successful and happy future for them all.

We promote and practice mindfulness in order to encourage and allow children to explore their emotional intelligence and develop their independent ability to manage and regulate their feelings. We ensure that our PSHE provision is completely inclusive and accessible for all pupils regardless of their academic ability.

An important part of our PSHE curriculum is ensuring that pupils have the knowledge to seek help; the understanding of themselves and others to know what is right and wrong for them and the vocabulary and skills of communication to express their thoughts and feelings.

Our PSHE curriculum aims to model and explicitly teach the behaviours pupils need to learn to have a successful time socially as they grow. It aims to provide them with experiences they may meet in their future which could pose challenges, in a safe space where they can explore their thoughts and feelings with support. Through these opportunities they are encouraged to reflect and think critically.

The aims for our pupils in PSHE are:

  • Develop confidence in opening up and talking about how they feel, their thoughts and opinions.
  • Develop a range of skills and attributes that keep themselves safe.
  • Develop an understanding of how to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Develop a positive attitude towards being a global citizen and member of a local community and learn how to contribute in a positive way.
  • To show tolerance and understanding of others’ beliefs, religions and life choices.
  • To build positive relationships made through their choices and challenge what they are uncomfortable with.

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