Dinosaur adventure


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JANUARY 30, 2023
Joshua class were sad to see a goodbye letter from Poogee, the friendly class alien they met during their space topic. After learning so much from the letters Joshua class had written, Poogee went back to his planet. But, rather excitingly, he left Joshua class a gift from the past…

The children were amazed to see three strange looking eggs. After a really interesting discussion, Joshua class decided they could be dinosaur eggs or large chicken eggs. Reggie told his friends how he looked after eggs at home. Levi decided they should keep them warm, so the children spent a long time making the nest super cosy for their eggs!

This starts two weeks of Dino fun for the children. Joshua class are learning to be paleontologists and have been digging and discovering fossils. The children were challenged to make their own fossil using clay.

Joshua class will also be making puppets, using the dinosaur small world, logging their fossil findings in the paleontology lab, using stencils, making badges, seeing how many dinosaurs they can fit in a bucket and practicing how to form our numbers.

It’s going to be a roar-tastic couple of weeks!