June 2023


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Wellbeing Week: Day 5

JUNE 30, 2023

Joshua Class: Pirate School

For the final day of Wellbeing Week, Joshua class had a blast at Pirate School. They wrote about pirates, made hats, danced a pirate jig and sang sea shanties.

The children had so much fun playing games… burst the cannon ball, port and starboard, cannon ball throw, and finally capture the flag.

Sadly, a large portion of our crew were made to walk the plank today, jumping into the ocean with furry sharks (Dave the dog) on the loose!

Thanks to our Captain, Mr Ellis-Davis.

Wellbeing Week: Day 4

JUNE 30, 2023

Tamar class visits Padstow Lifeboat Station.
For day four of Wellbeing Week, Tamar class visited the lifeboat station at Trevose and learnt all about how the lifeboats get into the sea. They learnt about the crew and their kit. They even got to stand on the Tamar lifeboat deck and try on the very heavy life jackets.

The children then enjoyed a picnic lunch and play on Mother Ivey’s beach!

Everyone had a fantastic day full of sunshine and smiles.
Wellbeing Week: Day 3

JUNE 29, 2023

Sports Day 2023 
What a day! We are so proud of all of our pupils for displaying determination, perseverance and bundles of enthusiasm.

We will add up the points and reveal the winning house on Friday.

It was wonderful to see the sports hall filled with positivity and friendly faces. Thank you to all of our lovely spectators who were full of cheer… and enthusiasm for the grown-up races!

A big thank you to the PTA for providing the refreshments.

We can’t wait to do it all again next year!
Chick watch!

JUNE 28, 2023

We were so lucky today! Joshua class got to watch baby chicks being born – Big thanks to Reggie’s Mum & Dad. It was pure magic and everyone was so excited all day.

We are hoping that all the eggs will have hatched by tomorrow.

Joshua class loved watching the chicks wobbling and cheeping while they got their strong chick legs. Lots of the children noticed their big feet! The chicks are a special breed called Pekins.

Some of the class even wrote some super sentences about what they could see!
Wellbeing Week 2023: day 2

JUNE 28, 2023

For day two of Wellbeing Week, the children had great fun creating their own fruity faces. They chose their favourite fruit and veg to chop up and turn into healthy snack plates . Some of the children challenged themselves to try new fruit and veg that they have never tried before!
Wellbeing Week 2023: day 1

JUNE 26, 2023

Wow! It’s only Day 1 of Wellbeing Week and what a super start we’ve had.

All of the pupils participated in our Fun Run to raise money for the ‘National Deaf Children’s Society’. They have raised £99…. so far.  Thank you to everyone who has sponsored the children, if you would still like to sponsor the pupils, please follow this link

Year 1 Cross Country

JUNE 21, 2023

A BIG shout-out to everyone in Tamar class for participating in the NSN (Newquay Sports Network) Cross-Country event yesterday. 

The weather put a stop to the original plans, but we are very grateful for Newquay Tretherras for putting together an indoor event at the last minute. 

Well done to all of our pupils who participated, they were a credit to our academy.

Award winners

JUNE 16, 2023

Congratulations to our Values Award certificate and Star of the Week winners!
Wellbeing Week 2023

JUNE 15, 2023

Alongside core curriculum, key events will include…

We are delighted to announce the launch of Newquay Primary Academy’s inaugral ‘Wellbeing Week’, which will be held from Monday 26th June – Friday 30th June 2023.

What will ‘Wellbeing Week’ include?
Alongside core curriculum, key events will include…

Charity Fun Run event

We are delighted to announce that we will be running a Charity Fun Run event this year in aid of the National Deaf Children’s Society. It will be on Monday 26th June. Every penny we raise will go towards supporting deaf children in the UK and ensuring that they have access to the same opportunities and adventures. Everyone will run the event. If you would like to donate, please visit our JustGiving page below:

Newquay Primary Academy is fundraising for The National Deaf Children’s Society (justgiving.com)

The link is also available on all our social media platforms, so please feel free to share.

If you would like more information on this fantastic charity that we’re supporting, please visit this website; https://www.ndcs.org.uk/

Sports Day

Each class will take part in Sports Day on Wednesday 28th June, the pupils will rotate around a circuit of events and earn points for their house teams. We look forward to seeing members of our Newquay Primary Academy community cheering on our pupils at this event. Our fabulous PTA will be selling refreshments on the day.

We advise spectators arrive ten minutes before the designated start time of 1.30pm.

How can you help?

It will be a different week to what the pupils usually experience. We appreciate your support in facilitating a change to our regular timetable. Please see the itinerary below to give you a one-stop guide to the week.
If you provide snacks/lunchboxes for your child, please try and include a variety of fruit and vegetables as this will help with the ‘healthy eating’ activities that will be explored during the week.
The Charity Fun Run event will be a sponsored activity. Please feel free to share the sponsorship link with friends and family members. The sponsorship link is on our social media platforms.
Ask your child(ren) to share with you what they have been exploring in the academy.
Please contact the academy if you have any questions or require further information.

Thank you for your ongoing support in making Newquay Primary Academy a ‘happier and healthier’ academy.
Award winners

JUNE 30, 2023

Congratulations to our Values Award certificate and Star of the Week winners!
Newquay Lifeboat Station

JUNE 14, 2023

Joshua class visited the lifeboat station at Newquay harbour yesterday and learnt all about how the lifeboats get in to the sea. They learnt about the crew and their kit and even got to try on the very heavy life jackets.

The children discussed that Joshua was the first lifeboat in Newquay! And this is why their class is called Joshua class… the first class at Newquay Primary Academy!

The children even had a quick play and scavenger hunt on the beach!

Year 1 Cricket Festival

JUNE 14, 2023

Well done to all of our Year 1 pupils who participated in the Newquay cricket festival. Thank you to Newquay Tretherras for hosting such a fun and inclusive event.
CELT Spelling Day

JUNE 12, 2023

On Friday, Newquay Primary Academy celebrated the CELT Spelling Day – an initiative from our academy trust.

Well done everyone for your fabulous outfits.

Joshua class had fun spelling words that a pirate would pack for an adventure. The children also wrote beautiful sentences using the tricky red words ‘he’ and ‘she’.

Tamar class practiced reading and writing their Y1 words, completed spelling rainbows to practice writing tricky words, played hangman, speed sounds races and a spelling scavenger hunt!

A fab day all round!
All aboard me hearties!

JUNE 9, 2023

This week Joshua class have been inspired by Tiddler The Storytelling Fish. They have been busy making beautiful fish wands, and using the Pirate Ship role play to go on adventures across the oceans! Over the coming weeks, the children will continue to learn about creatures that live in our oceans and upon our beaches.

They have been discovering what sinks and floats, and keeping track of their findings like scientists!

Next steps. What items at home can the children find that sink and float? Can they make a list to share with their classmates for New News?

Award winners

JUNE 9, 2023

Congratulations to our Values Award certificate and Star of the Week winners!
New academy dog

JUNE 6, 2023

We are pleased to introduce a new member of the Newquay Primary Academy family, our academy dog, Dave.

Dave is Ms Wilson’s dog and many of your children will be familiar with Dave from past visits to Joshua class.

Dave will be part of Newquay Primary Academy and will come to school as often as is appropriate. Dave will always have an adult present when around children. We want children to experience the positive, calming effect of animals. Dave will offer companionship to everyone without judgment. Children will learn how to take care of animals with respect. Dave is a gentle, well-behaved dog who offers unconditional affection. Dave will be able to greet children in the mornings, go on walks around the school premises and work with children. He will be helpful to children who need some time to be quiet, reflect or regulate.

Dave is a gentle dog. He enjoys watching what’s going on around him but also likes a good nap! Dave loves people and enjoys sitting close. He likes to be stroked, story time and being taken on walks.

Dave is familiar with the academy environment and has spent time in the building getting used to the smells, noises and the happy chaos! Ms Wilson has spoken to all the children about appropriate interactions/behaviour when around Dave.

To have Dave in the academy, Newquay Primary Academy will have the necessary risk assessments in place. There will be evidence of Dave’s regular flea and worm treatment. Dave’s health and wellbeing will be paramount.

Dave will be given a safe space and plenty of quiet time. Dave will have access to a toileting area, which will never be accessed by children.

We believe that children’s (and staff’s) wellbeing will be positively impacted by Dave; it is proven that dogs can increase our dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin levels and decrease cortisol.